About the founder

Meet Our Founder 

John Ospina, Founder, Cellar Dreams

John’s passion for wine started at an age when most kids are drinking soda. His love for the complexities of wine has been a driving force in life, inspiring travel, hobbies — and now, Cellar Dreams.

“When a student understands a key concept or expands their palate, I can see it in their eyes. That ‘aha!’ moment of discovery is what drives me.”

— John Ospina, Founder

Work With John

Investing in wine is an investment in your future enjoyment. John guides both new enthusiasts and experienced collectors through key decisions, such as how to build a collection, peak enjoyment times for cellared wines, special opportunities for investing, how to properly store and age bottles, and more. His guidance can provide decades of exquisite taste and excellence for you and your family.